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MM2Trading.com is a revolutionary new website, brought to you by Slouse and mfdubs! This is the first site to offer a custom made trading system, featuring both MM2Values and JDRBX values. It's like craigslist for Murder Mystery 2. But there is SO much more! We also have the "Weapon Wiki", a comprehensive guide to all the weapons in the game. You can now find out how your favorite weapons were introduced to the game, and more! We also created a very useful tool called the "Trade Checker". You can plug in the weapons from a trade offer, and see if you are getting a good deal or not (no matter which list you use!).

Our goal is to bring the community together, to help prevent scams, and offer a safe enviroment for everyone! Our trading system has user ratings and badges, helping ensure you are trading with someone who is trustworthy. We also provide tips on how to prevent getting scammed!

We have a credit system, where you can earn credits for staying active, completing trades, and so much more! Credits can only be earned, we do not sell them! Credits can be used for to obtain Super Posts, advertising roblox related sites/groups/discords, and coming soon: you will be able to use credits to get YT/Stream Views, and more!
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